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War Hero

Show preparations, equipment carrying, ballance, being told that your show will start almost two hours after the time you were told initially, trying to tell everyone invited about that, having pre-show conversations over a cup of coffee, going back to the bar where the show is taking place, waiting, explaining to some people that sitting on the stage, all over your carefully ballanced equipment, is not recommended, waiting some more, going on stage, performing, going off stage, talking to people, going back home, letting girlfriend carry equipment. All this with the most painful of aches, waves of ongoing pain over pain over pain, barely able to walk, or even stand straight, hiding the tears of pain when being punished for making any “wrong” move, and when on stage, somehow, watching all this from outside, floating over the singing hemisphere and the painful hemisphere fighting. Collapse, collapse, collapse.

God, how I love performing.

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