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Urban Renewal

Urbans is a (yet another) band of which I’m a member. It started about two years ago, and is the most relaxed and gentle group of people I’ve ever had the chance to work with.

We rehearse at the drummer’s place, and recently we recorded there a demo. In order to do this we actually built a mini recording studio at the place, almost from scratch, and took it apart afterwards. It was a very interesting experience, and it gained us a nice demo, but next time we’re recording at my place, where the heavy machinary is.

Having fought my way to a basic mix of the thing, I also bothered and created a New Site for the band, from which the music can be downloaded.


A bonus to our loyal readers: How to Record Where No Record Has Been Made Before


1 Recording computer 1 Pro/Semi-Pro sound card with X inputs (X=number of recording mono channels) X Audio pre-amplifiers (or 1 pre-amp with X channels) 1 PA mixer 1 Drums-channel mixer (mixing all the drums microphones into 2 channels) 2 Overhead condenser microhpones (for the drums) 1 Bass Drum microphone 1 Snare microphone 1 Vocal microphone X-4 Spare microphones X+2 XLR-XLR cables X*2 Spare XLR-XLR cables X PL cables X/2 Emergency PL cables Xc² Other cables 1 Camera (optional)

Preparation: Mix everything and hope for the best.

(Do try this at home!)

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