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The Glasgowits, Epilogue of Sorts: The Trouble with Time-Tables

The keener among our loyal readers might have noticed that their favourite author and journalist has not yet returned to his homeland, as previously promised. This is mostly the result of a late British Airways flight from Glasgow to London, with a nice check-in-cleck-unreasonability topping. I therefore took the opportunity and fell like a ton of angry and vengeful bricks upon unsuspecting Liz and Lavie, who fed me, entertained me, let me use their phone and internet and quite amazing shower (the details are classified), and even listened to my ramblings. And Lavie did almost no complaining, though that might be due to some (justified!) complaining on my side, for a change. Never been treated better in me life. Hey, you people – I own you a big one!

Today I’ll try to get on the next flight to Israel. However, by this time I’m not so sure of the results. We’ll just have to wait and see.

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