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Plug and Play

If you’re not into writing VST plugins, or don’t know what they are, this post isn’t for you. Really. Get out. Don’t prolong your suffering. Out, I said. Out! So. Up until now I used to write VST plugins in Delphi. I got some very satisfying results, including a very complicated self-script-supporting modular synth system, but, well, all my algorithms are written in Pascal, which is all nice and dandee until one needs to copy them to a non-Pascal environment. So I’ve been wanting to write’em in C++ for quite a long time, but never got to it. The original VST SDK is, of course, in C++, but the graphic-design option is simply a disaster. Borland’s C++Builder would be a very good tool, but for some reason it always refused to compile anything with even remotely resembled a VST plugin. But not anymore. I found out how to do it, and in order to allow everyone to join the party, I created a demo project, source included, and put it online. Here. Enjoy, people. (I should also update my VST Plugins page, which is horribly outdated now. I hope I find the time anytime soon.)

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