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Just wrote another story, a short-short one (about 430 words). Took me about thirty minutes to write. It’s called “Watch Your Mouth”, though in Hebrew it’s called something else.

I like it when that happens.

However, I know exactly why this happens. It’s a by-product of my alternating semi-conscious creative method. That is – I’m always busy with more than one thing, but usually one thing gets the main focus. Of late I’ve been working on my Funkapella album (total ten songs and about thirty one minutes so far), but I’ve been quite busy with other things of late, so I couldn’t devote enough time to writing new songs and recording the two written ones left. Therefore my system compensated for it, and viola – a story got written. Of course, when I’ll be in the most dire need for a story, songs will somehow get written and recorded. It’s probably a good system, though it can also drive one crazy.

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