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Musical Minds

After finishing each Urbans rehearsal, and right before driving away home, the four of us have a chat about various subjects, not all of which are directly connected to music and women. Today, however, was rather typical, so music and women it was. Our first conclusion was that, in many ways, monogamy is just like monophony. Our second conclusion, which is more of a statement obvious to any musician, was that polyphony is almost always more interesting and fulfilling. Our third conclusion combined the first two in such a simple logical way, that I will not bother to bring it here. There was no fouth conclusion. Instead, each of us told the other three a somewhat elaborate tale in connection to the abovementioned discussion, and in all cases, for some reason, this tale happened to be A Long Time Ago. After that we all went home to our girlfriends and wives, and in one case baby child.

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