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Goldfish Blues

Yesterday evening we had, as expected, a Vocaliens rehearsal, which, quite unexpectedly, was filmed by a crew working on a new documentary film about music in Israel, named Israel Unplugged. We were told of this only ten minutes or so before the crew appeared. It was a lovely session. Camera does us wonders.

This morning, as expected, I was asleep like a dead dog, when suddenly, unexpectedly, the phone rang and someone on the other side told me that I must be present at Radio 106FM HQ in about an our to do PR to the Vocaliens show tomorrow. I think I’ve protested a bit, but to no avail. It turned out to be very nice, mostly because the other people interviewed were much more aware of their surroundings – or, to tell the truth, awake – than me. The whole group will appear on the same show in two weeks or so, including a live performance.

In the radio show, after playing “Goldfish Blues” (for a demo, check out the Vocaliens Site), I told the audience the true story behind it. But now, come to think of it, the story is so perfectly woven into the song, that all I need is to repeat the lyrics. So:


Goldfish Blues Lyrics & Music (C) Nir Yaniv

Once when I was little, Someone gave me a fishbowl, Inside there was a goldfish, Boy, did it rock & roll, But mamma put it high, On a shelf on the wall, I was too small – Couldn’t see my fish at all,

I called him “Hey, you!” – but he didn’t wanna talk, I said “Come on, son, I won’t treat you with a fork, Come on let’s play, let’s go outside and walk that walk!…”

He was a very noise fish, He bubbled all night long, But not a single word from him, I didn’t know what’s wrong, I worried and I worried, I stayed awake all night, Maybe if I give him a name it would be alright,

I called him “Mister,” but he didn’t wanna sing, I called him “Doctor, doctor, don’t I treat you like a king? Come on outside, and let us go and swing that swing…”

Then one day, when I was playin’ in the hall, I looked up at the wall, Saw the shelf begin to fall, There was a mightly boom and crash, But mamma, she was quick, She put my fish in a beer bottle – What a trick!

I said “Come on now,” but he didn’t wanna hear, I said “Now we can talk, we are finally so near!” But he didn’t answer, prob’ly drank too much of that beer…


It’s all true. Ask my mother.

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