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MicroTime is a short film about a physics PhD student who builds a time machine out of a microwave oven, his flatmate, who is less than thrilled about it, and the short circuit which sends them both, over and over again, into the future.
Length: 14:23
Language:  English
Produced in Israel, 2013
Format: 16:9 HD (1080p)
Genre: Comedy, SciFi


Written, directed and edited by Nir Yaniv
Assistant Director: Elad Rath
Produced by Vered Shavit
Iftach Jeffrey Ophir (as Bernie)
Yafit Shalev (as Jemima)
Director of Photography: Ido Bar-On
Gaffer: Yigal Malool
Sound Recorder: Guy Barkay
Production Assistant: Shmuelik Rosenberg
2nd Production Assistant: David Broder
Makeup: Shiran Beauty Artist

Script Editor: Eva Gyulaiova
Sound Design: Avi Barak
Follies: Barak Igal
Additional Visual FX: Nadav Tal
Online Editor: Elad Rath
Time Machine artist and constructor: Anton Avramov
Art and Costumes: Vered Shavit
Location provided by Michal Lesman​
Equipment rental: On Air
Title song:
"I Came to Fix ze Time Machine!"
Written, composed & performed by Nir Yaniv
Featuring Hodaya Spark
Arranged & mixed by Barak Igal
The Film

Bernie Eckstein, a young physics PhD student, is about to test the time machine he has built out of the microwave oven in his kitchen. He sets a camera to document the experiment - but it takes him some time to realize that he needs to remove the lens cover.
Bernie's flatmate, Jemima Jones, is less than thrilled about his experiments and the mess they cause in the kitchen. After the first successful test, jumping six hours into the future, the time machine short-circuits. This causes it to jump crazily and uncontrollably, carrying Bernie into the future several hours at a time. Some times Jemima is there - and other times she's absent. Jemima, angered by Bernie's 'disappearing act', tries to use the microwave oven herself and gets caught in the time-jumps too. Now Bernie and Jemima must find a way to stop fighting and stop the machine - before they go too far into the future.

Documenting a time machine


Testing the time machine inside the workshop of Anton Avramov, who constructed it specially for the film. It is made of computer motherboards, sound mixers, tubes and whatnot. It also contains about a thousand watts of illumination.
The music here is a loving acapella version of the Back to the Future soundtrack (composed by Alan Silvestri), arranged and performed by Nir Yaniv.
timeMachineCH8Artist Name
00:00 / 02:58
The film's theme song was inspired by the classic cliche of, ehm, "indecent" films of the 70's: there's a knock on the door, a girl opens it and sees a muscular man who promptly says, in a heavy German accent, "I came to fix ze air condition!"
Play the song and see where this kind of behavior can get you...
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